The more I live the more I think
two people together is a miracle.



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"we are enthusiastic strawberry pickers!"» Kirsten Rickert

future daughters. yes please.

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i just went to this tiny bookstore & i got 3 books for $1.00 so i’m calling this day a massive achievement

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Canoe trip.

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Sarah & Nathan //

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Chocolate Tahini Mocha Mousse w/Coconut Bubble Milk Chocolate Expresso Beans | Half Baked Harvest on We Heart It.

1. Be with someone that’s eyes light up by the simple touch of your finger tips or a look that you give them from across a crowded room. Someone who appreciates and loves every imperfection that makes you who you are.

2. Be with someone who makes your heart flutter and your ribcage ache. Who cares what gender, sexuality they identify as or religious preferences they have? I surely don’t. Who cares what stereotypes say or others think? I will still love you and I will still accept you. Be with the person you were truly born to be around and fuck anyone who says otherwise.

3. Be with someone who couldn’t string together a million different adjectives and metaphors to convey the feelings that you give them inside. For example, like the way puddles of gold have spilled into your eyes or the faint shade of pink that peeks through your cheeks when you blush. Make sure they don’t just look at you, but understand you too.

4. Be with someone who can tell you aren’t okay just by the look in your eyes or the tension in your face. Be with someone who knows you inside out, somebody who knows you better than you know yourself.

5. Be with someone who answers your 4 am phone calls without hesitation and listens to you vent, cry, scream or laugh. Make sure they don’t think of you differently because of these calls and if they judge you, leave them.

6. Be with someone who makes you soup when you’re sick and kisses your forehead when you’re nose is all red and runny even though they’re risking getting sick themselves.

7. Be with someone who understands your past mistakes and is proud of you for moving past them. Make sure that they understand that these mistakes make you who you are today and nothing less.

8. And lastly, be with someone who fucking adores you. Be with someone who makes you question why you ever thought that you’d be better off by yourself.

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